Phil 40343 Spring


Aquinas--Legal Naturalism

Austin--Legal Positivism

Kelsen--Law as Normative Order

Ross--Legal Norms and Observational Evidence

Frank--Legal Realism

Gray–Legal Realism Again

Dworkin--The Model of Rules

Riggs v Palmer

Dworkin--Hard Cases

Sartorius--Social Policy and Judicial Legislation

C.L.Ten--The Soundest Theory of Law

Jules Coleman--Negative and Positive Positivism

Coleman's take on EAL Part 1


Coleman's take on EAL Part 2

Kelman--Misunderstanding Social Life

Kronman--Wealth Maximization as a Normative Principle


Altman--Legal Realism, CLS and Dworkin

Kelo v. City of New London.pdf