30413 Readings


Riggs v Palmer

Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad

Hart on the Open Texture of the Law

Pound on the Application of the Law

Plessy v Ferguson

Brown v Board of Education

Griswold v Connecticut

On Liberty

Immorality and Treason

Devlin: Democracy and Morality

Devlin: Morals and the Criminal Law

Hart: Social Solidarity and the Enforcement of Morality

Lord Devlin and the Enforcement of Morals

Roe v Wade

Planned Parenthood of SE Pennsylvania v Casey

Village of Belle Terre v Boraas

Pettit v State Board of Education

Loving v Virginia

Bowers v Hardwick

Aquinas: Legal Naturalism

John Austin: Legal Positivism

Hans Kelsen: Law as Normative Order

Alf Ross: An Analysis of "Valid Law"

Jerome Frank: Legal Realism

L. Chipman Gray: Legal Realism

Griswold v Connecticut