NSF/CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences:

Hodge Theory, Complex Geometry, and Representation Theory

Principal Lecturer: Phillip Griffiths

at Texas Christian University

June 18-22, 2012

(Opening reception on the evening of June 17)

Professor Griffiths's Lecture Notes
Matt Kerr's Lecture Notes
Aroldo Kaplan's Lecture Notes
Eduardo Cattani's Lecture Notes

A detailed abstract of Prof. Griffith's Lectures can be found here.

The conference will also feature several other speakers, including a series of introductory talks aimed at graduate students. We are in the process of confirming these additional speakers. So far, in addition to Prof. Griffiths, we anticipate the following speakers:


Robert Doran (r.doran@tcu.edu)
Greg Friedman (g.friedman@tcu.edu)
Scott Nollet (s.nollet@tcu.edu)

This conference will describe recent progress on automorphic cohomology beyond the classical cases. The material involved is at the confluence of several parts of mathematics: Hodge theory, representation theory, and complex geometry. The main lectures will describe new breakthroughs due to Carayol and others and will build upon the recent work of Griffiths and his collaborators on Mumford-Tate groups and domains. The lectures will focus on two main examples and are intended to be accessible to a wide range of participants.

The Conference is supported by the National Science Foundation via NSF grant DMS-1137952

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