Scott's Chess Page

Welcome to my chess page! I find chess fascinating, both for its strategic subtleties and its tactical thrills. Although I've been playing go more recently, I played about 150 rated chess games in the Bay Area between 1993 and 1996. On this page you will find some of the more interesting moments from those games, positions which sometimes changed the complexion of the game (for better or worse: you will find fun tactical blows, endgame nuances and outright errors here). In some cases I will give entire games. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. The chessviewer used here is available for free at the Internet Chess Club, which is a great place to hang out and play chess.

Chess Record
EventLocationDate+= -RatingSelected Games
National High School ChampionshipMinneapolis8/7822 39591. A Queen Sacrifice
St. Paul Winter Carnival OpenSt. Paul2/8021 21295
Calchess State ChampionshipSan Mateo9/9251 015972. A Keres Study
Berkeley QuadsBerkeley10/9220 11620
Western States OpenReno10/9242 016563. The Stock Sacrifice
Calchess Winter Chess FestivalSan Francisco1/9332 11699
Berkeley People's TournamentBerkeley2/9341 117564. Double Doubled Rookpawns!
Western Class ChampionshipConcord4/9351 01829
Sacramento OpenSacramento7/9322 218915. Attack of the King
Continental OpenConcord8/9310 31864
Calchess State ChampionshipSan Mateo9/9303 21865
Bay Area OpenConcord12/9301 11848
Stamer Memorial TournamentSan Francisco6/9420 21849
Berkeley Class StruggleBerkeley6/9401 21833
Sacramento OpenSacramento7/9420 31845
Continental OpenConcord7/9404 11841
Calchess State ChampionshipSan Mateo9/9432 01898
Western States OpenReno10/9440 11952
Berkeley QuadsBerkeley11/9430 02009
Calchess Winter Chess FestivalSan Francisco1/9560 02077
Berkeley People's TournamentBerkeley2/9501 12067
U.S. OpenConcord8/9560 52053
Golden Bear OpenBerkeley10/9511 12050
Capps TournamentSan Francisco11/9511 12040
Berkeley People's TournamentBerkeley2/96 1222020
Miscellaneous Club Games----107 9--
Totals----7035 442005