Presentation Videos

Name Department Degree Presentation
Alenius-Thalhuber, Rachel Biology Graduate A question of where: differential diets, growth rates, and survival of captive-bred hatchling Texas horned lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) reintroduced at separate locations in central Texas.
Clare, Catherine Biology Graduate Comparative genomics of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): are genes associated with migration conserved among populations?
Kang, Karis Biology Graduate Effects of Pollen Limitation on Seed Production in the Pale Pitcher Plant
Ryan, Patrick Biology Graduate An assessment of potential river otter habitat in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Segala, Michael Biology Graduate The effects of light availability, prey capture, and their interaction on pitcher plant morphology
Ali, Iman Biology Undergraduate Mechanisms of Zinc Oxide Antibacterial Activity in Staphylococcus aureus
Alley, Carly Biology Undergraduate The Effects of Novel Antioxidant Treatment on Microglial Cell Function in BV2 Cells
Hembrough, Michael Biology Undergraduate Shoreline Spiders as Sentinels of Mercury Contamination of the Trinity River
James, Jacob Biology Undergraduate Use of DNA Barcoding to Distinguish Between Morphologically Similar Red Bats
Joyce, Jack Biology Undergraduate Assessing Genetic Diversity in Northern Yellow Bats Killed at Wind Energy Facilities
Lee, Jaehyun Biology Undergraduate Investigating the Effects of BRCA1 Construct Length on its Interaction with PALB2
Mielcuszny, Andrew Biology Undergraduate Evaluating sex-specific differences in cellular immune function in a small fish model, the fathead minnow
Rolfe, Ian Biology Undergraduate Shoreline Spiders as Sentinels of Mercury Contamination of the Trinity River
Cruz Barrios, Eliandreina Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration from Diffusion-Driven Dilution of Micellar Aqueous Mixtures
Freire, David Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Hydrogen Peroxide Disproportionation with Manganese Macrocyclic Complexes of Cyclen and Pyclen
Guedez, Andrea Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Genetic selection of sarcosine-specific synthetic riboswitches from a glycine riboswitch
Henderson, Nicholas Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate DFT Simulations of the pKa Values of Triazines
Pota, Kristof Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Manganese Complex of a Rigidified 15-Membered Macrocycle: A Comprehensive Study
Sabourin, Axel Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Preparation of Clickable Monomers Compatible with Automated PNA Synthesis
Aguiar, Isabella Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Optimizing the Synthesis of Macrocycles
Edwards, Lauren Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Environment-sensitive probes based on squaric acid scaffolds
Gloor, Camryn Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Synthesis of Isoleucine Based Macrocycles
Jelinek, Trevon Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Synthesis of Organic Macrocycles for Anti-Microbial Testing
Nguyen, Nam Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of a small indole-containing tetra-aza macrocyclic pyridinophane for treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Ramos, Chloe Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Using parameters from a density functional theory model to add dispersion corrections to model noncovalent interactions
Richter, Mitchel Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Fluorescent Bivalent Antibody Mimics Against Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Sadagopan, Nishanth Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Enhancing the therapeutic potential of heterocyclic ligands for treating Alzheimer's disease
Segura, Carolina Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Synthesizing a Vaccine for the Treatment of Addiction to the Fentanyl Opioid
Sherman, Emily Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Practical Synthesis of Alkenyl Phosphorus Compunds
Veals, Diandria Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Synthesis and Characterization of an Iodo-substituted Macrocyclic Complex: Comparison of Pyridine Modification
Amoros, Maria Computer Science Undergraduate SOM Volunteering System
Moncrief, Ryan Computer Science Undergraduate ReadySet Go: A Web Application for Go AI Research and Play
Nguyen, Khiem Computer Science Undergraduate Exposing AlphaGo(Zero)’s Weaknesses
Nguyen, Kien Computer Science Undergraduate Measuring the Strength of AI Agents in Adversarial Perfect Information Games
Ochs, Delaney Computer Science Undergraduate Smart Homeopathy Doctor App
Ramirez, Damon Computer Science Undergraduate COVID Tracker
Ruelas, Ben Computer Science Undergraduate Truck Detection
Truong, Quang Computer Science Undergraduate Domain-Invariant Learning in Vehicle Re-identification Task Powered by Deep Neural Networks
Herendeen, Jim Engineering Undergraduate A Continuous Feed and Return System for a Rotary Drier
Hoyle, Zachary Engineering Undergraduate Lhoist Senior Design
Ly, Jeremy Engineering Undergraduate An Efficient Low-Cost Notification System For Technical Support Request Via Internet of Things
Nguyen, Viet Engineering Undergraduate Renewable Energy: Fossil Fuels to Renewables Substitution – The Effect of Electric Vehicles
Roeske, Kyle Engineering Undergraduate Lhoist North America Dryer
Vanderbrook, Richard Engineering Undergraduate Particle Motion in a Rotary Dryer
Blanche, Lyall Environmental Sciences Graduate Do edge effects influence wildlife distributions in a small game reserve in South Africa?
Gould, Holly Environmental Sciences Graduate Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Evaluate Flood Risk in Houston, Texas
Lawton, Katie Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Exploring Premature Detachment of Radio-Transmitters used on Bats in Telemetry Surveys
Bezucha, Blake Geological Sciences Graduate Comparing Different Storm Surge Events and Their Effects on Coastal Vegetation, Southern Louisiana
Burden, Lauren Geological Sciences Graduate Volcanic Hazard Assessment of Kilauea's Lava Lake, Halema'uma'u
Davidson, Josh Geological Sciences Graduate Identifying outcrops of the Eagleford Shale and Woodbine Sandstone in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex using GIS
Davidson, Josh Geological Sciences Graduate Identifying the Source of the Lower Cenomanian Maness Shale
Gower, Ethan Geological Sciences Graduate Population Density Near Kittanning Coal Deposits
Hernandez, Rosbeidy Geological Sciences Graduate Mapping landslide susceptibility and ground displacement assessment of Travis County, Texas, USA
Hudgens, Andrew Geological Sciences Graduate Spatial variation of sediment sources and its implications: U-Pb detrital Zircon core-rim age analyses of the Mississippian Stanley Group in the Ouachita Mountains
King, Charles Geological Sciences Graduate A GIS Based Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Trees to Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effects in Fort Worth, Texas
King, Charles Geological Sciences Graduate Continued Monitoring of Land Subsidence in Mexico City, Mexico using InSAR Methodology
Manzi, Aurore Geological Sciences Graduate Interaction of Graphene Quantum Dot and Dendrimer nanomaterials with ferrihydrite
McLain, Guthrie Geological Sciences Graduate Volcanic risk assessment of Mount Rainier using GIS methods
Alexander, Meagan Geological Sciences Undergraduate Assessing Lake Sediment for Use as an Amendment
Duncan, Connor Geological Sciences Undergraduate Deforestation and Fragmentation in the Atlantic Forest
Green , Emery Geological Sciences Undergraduate Does emotional intelligence matter when using expressive writing interventions in a large enrollment STEM course?
Hart, William Geological Sciences Undergraduate Estimating Solar Power Potential in Fort Worth, Texas
Ishimwe, Benite Geological Sciences Undergraduate Correlation between Industrialization, Urbanization and Heavy metals contamination in Rwanda a Case study_2007-2019
Jagodzinski, Adrianna Geological Sciences Undergraduate The Effect of Online Coursework on Student Learning and Achievement Gaps
Lam, Amy Geological Sciences Undergraduate Mapping Fertilizer Runoff in the Mississippi River Delta
Lam, Amy Geological Sciences Undergraduate Evaluating the Properties of Coffee Derived Carbon-Based Materials for the Removal of Lead from Contaminated Water
Morales, Evelyn Geological Sciences Undergraduate Interactions of environmentally significant anti-inflammatory drugs with nanocrystalline iron-oxides
Mugisha, Jesse Geological Sciences Undergraduate Fungi-induced alterations of Plant Biomass: Impacts on Surface Chemistry, Carbon Sequestration Potential and Sorptive Properties
Newell, Brooke Geological Sciences Undergraduate Size Effects of Sorption of Nanomaterials on Iron Oxides
Paredes, Riley Geological Sciences Undergraduate Functionalization of Pistachio Biochar for Nitrate Removal in Water
Wilson, Christopher Geological Sciences Undergraduate Analysis of River Flooding Impacts on the Trinity River in Tarrant and Dallas Counties
Manzi, Aurore Interdisciplinary Graduate Remote sensing of geothermal potential: A case study of Rwanda
Vogt, Kimon Interdisciplinary Undergraduate AI attendance and emotion detection
Dang, Hy Mathematics Undergraduate Wound Healing Process Modeling Using Partial Differential Equations and Deep Learning
Nagel, Lauren Mathematics Undergraduate Analysis of the Settlers of Catan
Nguyen, Khoi Mathematics Undergraduate Metrics of Positive Scalar Curvature on Riemannian Manifolds
Argueta, Sendy Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on diet and health-related behaviors of adults
Balters, Jason Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Determination of Caffeine Use and its Effects on University Students
Burgess, Alex Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate University Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes of a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet
Burmeister, Rylie Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Behaviors and Attitudes of City Composting Pilot Program Participants
Cimino, Claire Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Perception of Carbohydrates Among College Students
Estrada, Eric Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Registered Dietitians’ Recommendations for Nutrition Education and Interprofessional Education in Medical School Curriculum
Campbell, Elizabeth Physics & Astronomy Graduate Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dot Formulation for Cancer Imaging and Redox-Based Drug Delivery
CERESA, LUCA Physics & Astronomy Graduate Breaking the wall of sensitivity with Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission
Chavez, Jose Physics & Astronomy Graduate A Study of Direct Excitation to the Triplet State: 5-Bromoindole
Ciampa, Drew Physics & Astronomy Graduate Revealing the Physical Properties of the Leading Arm using Cloudy Simulations
Ibrahim, Alessa Physics & Astronomy Graduate Explosions at the End of the Dark Ages
Johnson, Dustin Physics & Astronomy Graduate Correlation between Morphology and Electronic Structure in As-Grown Microcrystalline ZnO Specimens Utilized in Antibacterial Assays
Kitchner, Emma Physics & Astronomy Graduate Swab-bing the Deck
Lee, Bong Han Physics & Astronomy Graduate Manganese-nitrogen and gadolinium-nitrogen Co-doped graphene quantum dots as bimodal magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging nanoprobes
Ray, Amy Physics & Astronomy Graduate How Old is My Star? Expanding the Asteroseismic Age Calibration Using Star Clusters
Reeks, John Physics & Astronomy Graduate Surface photovoltage studies of ZnO microcrystals in relation to their antibacterial action
Valimukhametova, Alina Physics & Astronomy Graduate Electric field quenching of graphene oxide photoluminescence
Vazquez, Joe Physics & Astronomy Graduate Cloudy with a Chance of Stars
Weerasooriya, Sachi Physics & Astronomy Graduate Star Wells: Rise of Satellites
Braley, Madison Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Family Trees of Black Holes
Burnham, Emilie Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Warm or Cold Dark Matter: A Love-Heat Relationship
Dadet, Maranata Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Development of Biocompatible Graphene Quantum Dots with Near-Infrared Fluorescence
Hernandez, Jaq Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Searching for Twins of PTF11kx
Jordan, Gretel Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Characterization of the Photothermal Effect of Various Nanomaterials
Lyle, Veronica Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate pH-based Cancer Detection by Graphene Quantum Dots
McKinney, Ryan Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Hydrogenation of Reduced Graphene Oxide via Water Electrolysis
Riddle, Nicole Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Forensic Astronomy: Collecting Chemical Fingerprints of Ancient Supernova Explosions
Vasireddy, Satvik Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging in Mice with Graphene Quantum Dots
Wilson, Mikayla Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate The Fall of the Dark Night: Revealing Binary Stars with the Joker
Bond, Sara Psychology Graduate Experience with Extrinsic Rewards does not Undermine Intrinsic Motivation in Rats
decker, kaleigh Psychology Graduate The effects of estimating the homogeneity of an outgroup on self-radicalization
Espinosa, Matthew Psychology Graduate You Are What You (Are Willing To) Eat: Willingness to Try New Foods Impacts Perceptions of Sexual Unrestrictedness and Desirability
Northern, Paige Psychology Graduate Lecture Fluency Impacts Instructors' Ratings of Other Instructors' Teaching
Alanis, Alyssa Psychology Undergraduate The Effect of Helicopter Parenting on College Students’ Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy
Benson, Allie Psychology Undergraduate Employment Decisions in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Buchanan, Olivia Psychology Undergraduate Family Functioning and Parent Mental Health in Families of Color with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Racial Protests
Clark, Claire Psychology Undergraduate The effects of extrapolation and trait imageability on self-radicalization
Curran, Rebecca Psychology Undergraduate Investigating Metacognitive Biases: Connections Between Fluency Effects and Beliefs in Individualized Learning Styles
Davis, Nathania Psychology Undergraduate Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Rhythm Perception in Children with and without Dyslexia
Deighton, Connie Psychology Undergraduate The effects of Induced Gratitude and Pride On Children's Ability to Delay Gratification
DeMarco, Annamarie Psychology Undergraduate Blood alcohol concentration, open field activity, and c-Fos expression after consumption
Gonzales, Keana Psychology Undergraduate Ethnic Differences in Parents’ Ability to Identify Internalizing Symptoms in their Adolescent Children: Does Their Ability to Identify Symptoms in Others Matter?
Ho, Sally Psychology Undergraduate Life History Congruency
Klopf, Brooklin Psychology Undergraduate Identity Fusion to hometown as a predictor for pro-social community behavior
Lindsey, Morgan Psychology Undergraduate TBRI® & Trauma-Informed Classroom Training Evaluation
Longmire, Destiny Psychology Undergraduate The effects of trait extrapolation on attitudes toward people who have similar and different opinions
Lora, Corinne Psychology Undergraduate Individual differences in belief personification moderate the effects of extrapolation on self-radicalization
Lord, Charles Psychology Undergraduate The effects of extrapolation and trait imageability on self-radicalization
Miller, Shelby Psychology Undergraduate Effects of chronic unpredictable stress on cognition and AD-like pathology in C57BL6/J mice
Nguyen, Quynh Psychology Undergraduate Effects of Neural Manipulation of the Nucleus Accumbens on Reward Loss
Parra, Monica Psychology Undergraduate The effects of trait imageability and extrapolation on metacognitive outcomes
Reyes , Alex Psychology Undergraduate Experiences and Challenges of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) Practitioners in Implementing TBRI with Spanish-speaking Clients
Smith, Carson Psychology Undergraduate Computer-Assisted Foreign Language Vocabulary Instruction
Tomlinson, Gregory Psychology Undergraduate Evaluating Class Reorganization in Equivalence-Based Instruction
Westerfield, Cullen Psychology Undergraduate The Emergence of Derived Stimulus Relations using Exclusively Visual Mediation by Eliminating Verbal Mediation
Williams, Jordan Psychology Undergraduate COVID-19 and Asian Attitudes
Yraguen, Malia Psychology Undergraduate The role of multi-scripturalism on novel orthography learning