Astronomy research opportunties with Dr. Kat Barger and her team

My team explores how galaxies evolve by tracking the gas flowing in, out, and within galaxies. We study the environment around galaxies using spectroscopic radio, optical, and ultraviolet observations taken with the Green Bank Telescope, Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper, Apache Point Observatory, and Hubble Space Telescope. We are members of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) IV & V and we have projects that utilize the Mapping Nearby Galaxies with APO (MaNGA) survey and that we will use the upcoming Local Volume Mapper survey. This team includes high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Let me know if you’d like to join the team. 

Research Apprentice Program

The RAP program provides research opportunities for high school students in the Fort Worth area. Participants in my team use computer programming to explore astronomical observations. 

Undergrad Research for TCU Students

There are Opportunities for TCU undergraduate students to participate in astronomy research with my team. Little to no experience is required. 

Research Exprience for Undergrads

The REU program brings undergraduate students from around the Unites States to TCU so they can participate in research. Contact me if you are specifically interested in joining my team.

Graduate Research 

I have an opening in my research team for Fall 2022 for a student to use Hubble Space Telescope and ground based datasets to characterized the properties of a massive stellar-driven outflow that is emanating from the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy. Contact Kat Barger at if you are an undergraduate student considering a Ph.D. program at TCU in astronomy research. earn more about our Department’s PhD program here and apply here. Notice that we do not require the general or subject GRE and that we do not have an application fee for domestic applicants. We do have some application fee wavers for international students; reach out our graduate director Dr. Peter Frinchaboy at to learn more about these fee waivers.

Postdoc Research

We are looking for a postdoc to join our research team Fall 2022 to help us explore the galactic winds of the Large Magellanic Clouds as part of our large Hubble Legacy Archive program entitled: "The LMC's Galactic Wind through the Eyes of ULLYSES". We will open the application process mid October of 2021 and will post this job advertisement on the American Astronomical Society’s Job Registry website. To learn more about this project, visit my Research page and contact Kat Barger at