About Prof. Rosenberg

For more than twenty-five years, Professor Jonathan Rosenberg has been recognized as one of the most highly qualified experts in a wide variety of areas of mathematics. These include the representation theory of locally compact groups and Lie groups, C*-algebras, K-theory, topology and geometry of manifolds, index theory of elliptic operators, string theory, and related areas of mathematical physics. He has made deep and lasting contributions in each of these areas, including the solution of several long-standing open problems. He is also one of the leading experts on the Novikov conjecture and related topics.

Professor Rosenberg is well known as a gifted expositor. His book Algebraic K-theory and Its Applications (1996, Second edition) is a standard reference for algebraic K-theory. He has also written a number of beautiful survey articles, which provide panoramic overviews. In addition, Professor Rosenberg has recently presented an Oberwolfach Seminar with Joachim Cuntz and Ralf Meyer in spring 2005, which has been turned into a book, and he presented a series of lectures in Paris in January, 2007, for which notes are available on the web.

The CBMS monograph resulting from Professor Rosenberg's lectures is expected to be a real gem and a catalyst for mathematicians wishing to learn the language and machinery of string duality.

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