Mathematical Reviews

Below are the papers I've written Zentralblatt Reviews for; these are brief summaries of the results and methods of the papers. They can be found online at MathSciNet.

[Zbl pre05551218] L. Fuentes Garcia, Pencils on double coverings of curves
Arch. Math. 92 (2009) 35--43.

[Zbl 1160.14018] S. Matsutani and E. Previato, Jacobi inversion on strata of the Jacobian of the C curve y^r = f(x),
J. Math. Soc. Japan 60 (2008) 1009--1044.

[Zbl 1152.14050] D. Trang Le, Simple rational polynomials and the Jacobian conjecture,
Publ. Res. Inst. Math. Sci. 44 (2008) 641--659.

[Zbl 1144.14020] H. Iliev, On the irreducibility of the Hilbert scheme of curves in P^5,
Commun. Algebra 36 (2008) 1550--1564.

[Zbl 1140.14050] R. Peretz, The Jacobian variety,
Acta Math. Vietnam. 32 (2007) 177--187.

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