Calculus I
Fall 2017
Contact Information Important Dates
Professor:Dr. Scott Nollet Exam 1Friday, September 22
Office:310 TTC
Office Hours: M-T-Th-F 2:30-6:00
or by appointment.
Exam 2Friday, October 20
Review Sheet
Office Phone:257-6339
Home Phone:920-7988 Exam 3Friday, November 17
Review Sheet
Class Hours: MTRF 1:00pm-1:50pm
169 WSH
Final ExamMonday, December 11
Review Sheet
Pre-requisites: Math 10053 or entrance exam
Text and Calculator: The text is Calculus of a single variable: early transcendental functions by Larson and Edwards, (Brooks/Cole, 2012). A TI-83 or TI-84 calculator is recommended. Calculators which perform symbolic algebraic simplification (such as the TI-89 or TI-92) are not allowed.
Course Goals: In this course you will be learning about limits and continuity, differentiation with applications to graphing of functions and word problems, and enough integration (both the concept and the practice) to prepare you for Calculus II.
Grades: Grades will be based on Homework and Quizzes (10% each), three Exams (15% per exam) and the Final Exam (35%). I will regularly assign homework. Discussion with classmates is alright, but direct copying is not, including from online sources. There will be quizzes during many lectures with problems based on the homework. Usually the quizzes are announced in advance, but this is not guaranteed.

When all the coursework is complete, grades will be assigned on the following basis. Let P be the percentage of points scored. Then

P Grade
P at least 90 A
P at least 88, but less than 90 B/B+/A-/A, depending on strength of final
P at least 80, but less than 88 B
P at least 78, but less than 80 C/C+/B-/B, depending on strength of final
P at least 70, but less than 78 C
P at least 68, but less than 70 D/D+/C-/D, depending on strength of final
P less than 68 D or F
Attendance and make-up policy: University policy states that regular and punctual class attendance is essential and that no assigned work is excused due to absence, no matter what the cause. If you miss a quiz due to absence it will count as a zero, except in cases of excused absence (these require a note from Campus Life or documented participation in university activities). Makeup exams are possible for students with an excused absence, in which case the student must inform me before the exam.
Exams: There will be three exams during the semester and a final. Please bring your calculators. The tentative dates for these exams are given above, however they are subject to change. I will announce any changes to exam dates in class at least a week in advance.
Course Website: I will maintain this website for our course; it will contain homework assignments, solutions, and other useful information. The address is
Disabilities statement: Texas Christian University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 regarding students with disabilities. Eligible students seeking accommodations should contact the Coordinator of Student Disabilities Services in the Center for Academic Services located in Sadler Hall, 1010. Accommodations are not retroactive, therefore, students should contact the Coordinator as soon as possible in the term for which they are seeking accommodations. Further information can be obtained from the Center for Academic Services, TCU Box 297710, Fort Worth, TX 76129, or at (817) 257-6567.

Adequate time must be allowed to arrange accommodations and accommodations are not retroactive; therefore, students should contact the Coordinator as soon as possible in the academic term for which they are seeking accommodations. Each eligible student is responsible for presenting relevant, verifiable, professional documentation and/or assessment reports to the Coordinator. Guidelines for documentation may be found at Disability Documentation.

Academic Misconduct (see section 3.4 from Student Handbook) Any act that violates the academic integrity of the institution is considered academic misconduct. The procedures used to resolve suspected acts of academic misconduct are available in the offices of Academic Deans and the Office of Campus Life. Specific examples and more details are in the Student Handbook.

Homework Assignments
HW #Section(s)Problems Date DueQuiz date
11.2#10,22,27,35,36,43,46,58,61,68 Friday, August 258/25
1.1: #18,21,26,58,59,62
1.3: #7-10,23-25,29,32
Tuesday, August 298/29
1.5 #5,9-12,31,36,40, 109-116
1.6 #7,10,13,102,106,109,110
Thursday, September 79/7
42.2#7,8,10,13,19,24-28 Friday, September 89/8
52.3#17,32,39,49-51,58,59,65,67,72,77 Thursday, September 14 9/14
62.4#4,5,11,12,18,47,52,65-68 Friday, September 159/15
72.5#15,16,19-22,33,34,38,39,47-50 Tuesday, September 19
83.1#2,7,18,19,21,23,39-42,75-80 Monday, September 25 9/25
93.2#5,8,10,17,25,26,41,44,49,54,61,65,67,68 Friday, September 299/29
103.3#4,7,25,28,36,41,44,47,105-108 Monday, October 2 10/2
113.4#14,16,19,31,32,57,59,66,67,76,77,91,100,106,111 Thursday, October 5 10/5
123.5#7,10,19,20,22,23,30,31,35,36 Monday, October 9 10/9
133.6#27-29,38-40,53,54,73,76 Thursday, October 12 10/12
143.7#14-16,21,23,24,28,40 Friday, October 20 (with Exam 2)
154.1#14,15,17,24,26,27,40,41,43,46 Thursday, October 26 10/26
164.3#11,12,17,28,31,34,39,46,52,59 Friday, October 27 10/27
174.4#10,14,17,21,26,32,41,43,50,67,69,70 Tuesday, October 3110/31
184.5#14,17,22,27,28,34,35,41,68,72 Friday, November 3 11/3
194.6#8,13,18,19,24,25,30,68,A (see below) Thursday, November 911/9 and 11/10
204.7#5,8,17,20,21,24,29,30,35,45 Tuesday, November 14HW solution
215.1#9,13,16,20,24,25,38,41,53,54 Monday, November 20
225.2#7,19,20,21,26,27,35,38,49,50 Monday, November 27 11/27
235.3#7,18,21,27,32,43,44,46,51,52 Friday, December 1 12/1
245.4#11,28,31,40,41,46,89,92,96,97 Monday, December 4 12/4
255.5 5.5 #12,15,17,22,37,42,71,74,82,83;
5.7 #37,52-54;
5.8 #5,6,22,27
Tuesday, December 5Quiz Solution

A. Sketch \(y=e^x \cos x\) on \([-2\pi,2\pi]\).