SkiffTV was created in 1999 by Dr. Suzanne Huffman to give broadcast journalism students at TCU an outlet for showing their work to the world.  This 1999 - 2005 archive is filled with video packages completed by students in Dr. Huffman's Radio/TV Newswriting and Broadcast Reporting classes. To view them you will need to Get Quicktime Movie Player.

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Fall 2005

Veterans Plaza Dedication - Students, local dignitaries, donors and local veterans gathered for the new Veterans Plaza dedication in November. Tiffany Greener reports for SkiffTV.

Pink Out - Breast cancer still takes so many lives. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been extended one more week in hopes of reaching more people. SkiffTV's Ashlee Riley explains.

Fort Worth Skate Park - A new skate park has opened up in Fort Worth and it is bringing in skate boarders, bikers, and everything in between. SkiffTV's Christina Erwin reports.

Kickboxing - The TCU Rec Center has something different to offer students who are looking for more than a typical work-out routine. SkiffTV's Mary Hollis has the story.

Women's Basketball Fall 2005 - If TCU Women's Basketball can make the NCAA Tournament this season, it will be the team's sixth straight appearance. The excitement of Lady Horned Frog basketball is heating up as the regular season approaches. Brian Allen reports for SkiffTV Sports.

Poker Tourney - TCU's Campus Rec Center is finding new ways to get students involved. SkiffTV's Evan Erwin reports.

LaCrosse Team- The TCU Women’s LaCrosse Club is getting ready for their season in the spring. They're hoping to have a successful season. SkiffTV's Jessica Chandlar has the story.

Varsity Swimmers - The TCU Swim Team made a splash in an exhibition meet against Centenary, McMurrey and Permian Basin. The purpose of the exhibition was to prepare the Horned Frogs for a conference meet against Wyoming. SkiffTV's Amy Mays reports

Sigma Lamba Alpha - The Sigma Lambda Alpha sorority marked their founder's week with a number of special events. SkiffTV's Monica Mahorney reports.

University Pub - The University Pub has been a popular bar for TCU students for years. Anne Spencer reports for SkiffTV.

Frog Club - The football team isn’t the only group on campus that has the strength and perseverance of superheroes. The Frog Club members possess a secret power of their own. They are said to bleed purple, as SkiffTV’s Ashlee Riley reports.

Football Home Opener 2005 - After a disappointing 5 - 6 record last season, the TCU football team is looking to make a splash in its new conference. Fan support at home games could give the Frogs a needed boost to start and finish strong. Brian Allen reports for SkiffTV Sports.

Veterans Plaza - TCU is getting yet another location to keep the flowers in rotation. But this time the garden will be more than just a pretty spot on campus. Tiffany Greener reports for SkiffTV.

Grand Marc Update - Construction continues on the Grand Marc near the TCU campus. Evan Erwin reports for SkiffTV.

On-Campus Parking Update - TCU students are still dealing with the frustrations of on-campus parking. Some say the problem is getting worse, not better. SkiffTV’s Anne Spencer reports.

Library Computer Pods - The TCU library has something new to offer students who are looking to work as a group. SkiffTV’s Mary Hollis explains.

Recreation Center Update - Every day many students go to the TCU Recreation Center to work out. It’s a safe environment for students and has a lot to offer them. SkiffTV’s Jessica Chandlar reports.

Junior Varsity Swimmers - TCU offers a junior varsity swim team. This team offers former swimmers a chance to continue to enjoy the sport in college without the pressure of swimming at the varsity level. SkiffTV’s Amy Mays reports.

Potbelly’s Restaurant - The new sandwich restaurant Potbelly is attracting crowds of hungry customers near the TCU campus. SkiffTV’s Christina Erwin explains.

Halos Opens - There are plenty of night life activities near the TCU campus. A new lounge recently opened on University Drive, as Monica Mahorney reports for SkiffTV.


Spring 2005

Grandmarc - What used to be a TCU parking lot is soon going to be a new apartment complex. SkiffTV’s Ferrell Fields reports that the new apartments are part of the Berry Street Initiative.

Jazz Band - Jazz is expression set to music. It is said to be the fundamental rhythm of human life. When TCU jazz ensembles get together, they explore these sounds of human life as SkiffTV’s Darcy Deupree explains.

Personal Training - Today’s fitness world is dominated by 8-minute abs and fad diets. However, some TCU students are turning to personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals, as SkiffTV’s Matt Looloian reports.

Gymnastics - Whether you like to flip, spin, or just jump on the trampoline, TCU now has a place for you to do it. SkiffTV’s Valery Ingley explains.

Swim Team - TCU athletic teams are having a banner year. The swim teams finished first and second in the conference championships, as SkiffTV’s Natalie Mattern reports.

Lady Frogs Basketball - The TCU Lady Horned Frogs have had a turbulent season this year. Even with stars such as the conference and defensive player of the year Sandora Irvin, the team still has a tough road ahead if they want to become the Conference USA champs for the second time in only three years. Skiff TV's Neeley Jackson has the story.

Baseball's Opening Day - TCU’s baseball team kicked off the 2005 season before many enthusiastic fans at Lupton Stadium. SkiffTV’s Jennifer Jensen has the story.

Phonathon - Tuition dollars are part of what it takes to cover the costs of attending TCU. But student callers work throughout the semester to raise additional funds, as SkiffTV’s Pamela Bailey explains.

AKA Step Show - We all know how to step, but the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha are putting new meaning in the word. SkiffTV’s Julie Papenfuhs reports.

ADPI Blend-Off - Every year, sororities and fraternities on the TCU campus raise money for local charities. Some of the ways they do that are quite creative and unique, as SkiffTV’s Morgan Massey reports.

Up 'til Dawn - Some TCU students raise money annually to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital and have an event to celebrate their accomplishments. SkiffTV’s Gabe Wicklund reports.

Career Fair - It comes every semester. Students, employers and Career Services staff gear up for it. What is it? The TCU Career Fair. SkiffTV’s Amy Bowman reports it can be a great opportunity for students seeking jobs, or just wanting experience.

Battle of the Zones - Diners at The Main in March enjoyed real culinary diversity during this year’s “Battle of the Zones: America versus England” Chef Cook-Off. SkiffTV’s Samantha Suttle reports.

Spring Break - Spring Break is the highlight of the academic year for some college students. Things are no different at TCU, when spring is in the air and Spring Break is just around the corner. SkifffTV’s Kelsey Marquez explains.


Fall 2004

New Main - The new Main is drawing lots of attention from TCU students. SkiffTV’s Erin Clark explored the new Main and found out what students really think.

Newscast - There’s a new class on the TCU campus that will provide the school with its first-ever TV news show. SkiffTV’s Kristy Cubstead has more on the story.

TCU Tennis - TCU students are required to take a physical education class before graduating. One TCU tennis instructor makes fulfilling this requirement an enjoyable experience, as SkiffTV’s Allison Goertz explains.

Rock the Vote - This year’s presidential race is a close one. TCU is joining the nationwide MTV campaign to get college students out to vote. SkiffTV’s Angelica Rosas reports.

Phonathon - Phonathon is an organization that hires TCU students to raise money and keep the alumni in touch. It’s not only a job, it’s an experience they enjoy. SkiffTV’s Sofia Rios has the story.

Phonathon - Phonathon es una organización que contrata a estudiantes de TCU para recaudar dinero y mantener contacto con los exalumnos. No es sólo un trabajo, es una experiencia que disfrutan. Para Skiff TV, Sofía Ríos tiene la historia.

Crowded Dorms - TCU’s first-year class size has continued to increase the past few years, but the number of on-campus living spaces for students has not increased. This year, residential services has come up with some interesting solutions, as SkiffTV’s Liddy Serio reports.

Video Two Class - TCU film majors are already getting a taste of Hollywood. These students are being placed in the director’s chair, as SkiffTV’s John Anderson reports.

Vision in Action - Every semester the Vision in Action Council hosts town hall meetings to improve the TCU community. This year the focus is the TCU Promise. SkiffTV’s Lauren Lea reports.

International Students 2004 - Each year, hundreds of international students arrive at TCU. The International Students Association (ISA) assists them in their transition to TCU and U.S. life. SkiffTV’s Aranzazu Chavez reports.

LA ASOCIACIÓN DE ESTUDIANTES INTERNACIONALES - Cada año cientos de estudiantes internacionales llegan a TCU. La Asociación de Estudiantes Internacionales los ayuda para que se acostumbren a la vida americana en TCU. Para Skiff TV, Aranzazu Chávez tiene la historia.

Poker - The World Series of Poker is the premier annual event for the country’s hottest pastime. The series crowns champions in 33 different poker events and is televised on ESPN. This year, one championship bracelet from Las Vegas came home to TCU. SkiffTV’s Matt Turner has the story.

Frog Club - The football team’s success the last few years has made a positive impact on the university. And one place where that shows up is the Frog Club. Drew Irwin has the story for SkiffTV Sports.

Trac Bus - Finding a parking space is often a problem at TCU. SkiffTV’s Lori Russell reports on a possible solution

AP Institute - Every summer, hundreds of high school teachers become students at TCU. These teachers prepare in the Advanced Placement Institute to help their students prepare for college. SkiffTV’s Marc Lopez reports.

Instituto de Clases Avanzadas - Cada verano cientos de maestros regresan a las aulas en TCU, pero no regresan a enseñar sino a estudiar para ayudar aún más a sus estudiantes. Marco Antonio López de SkiffTV tiene el reporte.

Spring 2004

UpTill Dawn 2004 - TCU students danced the night away at the Recreation Center during this year's Up Till Dawn. SkiffTV's Meghan Youker was there.

Overcrowding - Some incoming TCU students may have to live with a resident assistant next year. SkiffTV's Aaron Kokoruz explains why.

TCU Invitational - The fifth annual TCU Invitational brought some of the nation's best track and field athletes to Fort Worth. SkiffTV's Matt Potter reports.

Jazz Combo - This spring's jazz concert included six different bands. SkiffTV's Monique Bhimani reports that some of the bands featured instruments unique to jazz.

Race for the Cure - The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Race for the Cure kicked off with a colorful start this year. SkiffTV's Robyn Kriel reports.

Head Start - TCU's Purple/White scrimmage not only ended spring drills but gave a few new Frogs a head start on the field. SkiffTV's Danny Gillham explains.

AHO Fundraiser - TCU's African Heritage Organization is taking the university's mission statement literally -- to prepare students to think and act as global leaders. AHO continues to work hard to fundraise the cost of a philanthropic trip to Kenya, located in the heart of East Africa. Carmen Castro reports for SkiffTV.

C-USA Tournament - The Women's Conference USA Basketball Tournament is over. TCU hosted the tournament and hoped to secure a fourth conference title. Blair Busch has the story for SkiffTV Sports.

Athletics Marketing - TCU Athletics has a relatively small fan base and has to compete with pro teams in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. SkiffTV's Danny Gillham reports on how the athletic marketing department is fighting the battle for fans.

Baseball 2004 - Neither rain, snow, sleet nor 30-degree weather could keep the fans away from opening day baseball at TCU's Lupton Stadium. Matt Potter has the story for SkiffTV.

Freeze Fest - Frog Freeze Fest ushered in the spring semester with balloons, fake tattoos, and a lawn of imported snow. SkiffTV's Monique Bhimani reports.

Tuition Hike - TCU students will see a tuition hike in the 2004 - 2005 school year. SkiffTV's Aaron Kokoruz explains why.

Cheerleading 2004
- At TCU, cheerleaders, like athletes, are expected to work hard, but without compensation for their efforts. SkiffTV's Robyn Kriel reports.

Mountain West - TCU athletes will begin conference play in the Mountain West after the 2004 - 2005 season. This is TCU's fourth conference change in the past ten years, as SkiffTV's Carmen Castro reports.

Meals-on-Wheels - Meals-on-Wheels delivers 2,000 meals every day to the elderly around Tarrant County. TCU volunteers deliver some of those meals each Thursday. SkiffTV’s Meghan Youker has the story.

Getting In Shape - At any given time, millions of Americans are trying to get in shape and lose weight. TCU students are no exception, as SkiffTV’s Blair Busch reports.

Fall 2003

Kinderfrogs Chili Cook-Off - On  your mark, get set, cook! It's the first annual Kinderfrogs Benefit Chili Cook-Off. SkiffTV's Lauren Hanvey was there and has the story.

Individual and Dual Sports - A low-key exercise class is not enough to satisfy the fitness drive of some TCU studcents. SkiffTV's Lara Hendrickson reports on other classes that are designed to solve that problem.

TCU Bookstore - The TCU Bookstore gives a whole new meaning to the term "convenience store." From school supplies to clothing and toothpaste, the TCU Bookstore offers more than just books. SkiffTV reporter Jacque Nguyen explains.

Colby Halloween 2003 - There were lots of goblins and ghouls running around TCU for another Colby Halloween. SkiffTV's Nyshicka Jordan has the story.

Ballet Folklorico - Sigma Lambda Alpha sorority celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with a Ballet Folklorico performance. SkiffTV's Antoinette Vega reports.

Hidden Treasures - Students are using the new University Recreation Center more than ever. But SkiffTV's Bill Morrison has a report on what they may be missing out on while they're there.

TCU World Series - Football isn't the only major TCU sport this fall. The Horned Frog baseball team is also busy, preparing for the 2004 season. SkiffTV's Brent Yarina reports.

Flower Power - Winter weather doesn't stop the TCU campus from looking like a sunny spring day. SkiffTV's Sarah Chacko explains why.

TCU Daily Skiff -The TCU Daily Skiff is printed four days a week.  The paper helps students stay up to date, but as SkiffTV's Braden Howell reports, a lot of work goes into it.

Nurse Anesthetists - TCU's new School of Nurse Anesthesia is operating in full swing. The school is preparing its students to remedy a shortage of nurse anesthetists in today's health care market. Lauren Hanvey has the story for SkiffTV.

Human Sexuality Class - Dr. Denise Bates teaches a class that may be considered risqué to some, but the students who have taken it have found it to be a welcome elective. Lara Hendrickson reports for SkiffTV.

Fall Breakaway
- For exercise and for fun, TCU students and the community participated in Kappa Alpha Theta's Fall Breakaway in September. SkiffTV's Antoinette Vega reports.

Outdoor Pool - Making it through those hot Texas days just got a little easier for students living on campus. SkiffTV's Bill Morrison reports.

Bistro Unplugged - TCU's Mary Couts Burnett Library offers you more than just books. You can now enjoy live, acoustical music from TCU's own talented students. SkiffTV reporter Jacque Nguyen has the story.

Football Tailgate - Tailgating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of TCU football games, but these gatherings represent only a small portion of the complete Horned Frog experience. SkiffTV's Brent Yarina reports.

Family Weekend BBQ - Each fall, a new class deals with the anxiety of adapting to college. And each fall, the Family Weekend Barbeque with its combination of food, family, and fun helps these students and their families adapt to their new campus home. SkiffTV's Nyshicka Jordan reports.

Jazz by The Boulevard
- In September, Fort Worth’s first Jazz by the Boulevard festival celebrated the city’s musical heritage. SkiffTV’s Sarah Chacko reports.

University Pub - TCU students have many choices about where to spend their evenings, and some choose a place they say makes them feel "at home." SkiffTV's Braden Howell reports on what some call TCU's own personal "Cheers" -- the University Pub.

Spring 2003

Dorm Sign-Up – Students who want to live in TCU’s Tom Brown/Pete Wright apartments don’t just fill out application forms. The sign-up process itself is a four-day affair. SkiffTV’s Kelly Morris explains that students may still need a little luck on their side if they want to call the apartments “home.”

NRG Snack Bar – After a hard workout, TCU students can enjoy healthy eating at NRG in the Recreation Center. SkiffTV’s Jill Meninger has the story.

Sub Connection – As TCU continues to expand and grow, so do the on-campus dining options. SkiffTV’s Amy Johnson reports that the Sub Connection is one of several new places where Horned Frogs can grab a bite to eat.

Spring Football 2003 – The start of the 2003 football season is five months away, but the Horned Frogs got in a few early snaps during their annual spring game on April 5th. SkiffTV Sport’s Joi Harris reports.

Alpha Chi Omega Drivers – Only a few days remained before the big race, and Texas Motor Speedway officials knew just who to ask when they needed some help behind the wheel. SkiffTV’s Sarah McNamara explains.

Pie Throw – TCU students got the chance to throw pies at their professors during the TCUnity Fair, but it was all for a good cause. SkiffTV’s Brandon Ortiz reports that the money raised helped buy calling cards for soldiers overseas.

New Baseball Stadium - A record crowd attended the February 2 opening of the new Lupton Baseball Stadium at TCU. Fans enjoyed baseball, hot dogs, and a sunny winter day as SkiffTV Sport’s Brandon Ortiz reports.

New Recreation Center - January 27 was a big day for students, faculty and staff at TCU. The university’s new recreation center opened its doors and SkiffTV’s Sarah McNamara was there.

Health Fair - More and more Americans are becoming interested in good health and physical fitness. SkiffTV’s Amy Johnson reports on what TCU is doing to promote wellness in the Horned Frog community.

Jazzman’s Café - TCU students no longer have to walk across campus to eat. Now they can dine in Jazzman’s Café and enjoy a laid-back environment on the east side of campus. SkiffTV’s Jill Meninger has the story.

Koehler Cooks - Provost William Koehler spends much of the week working in his office. But on Wednesdays, he trades in his suit and tie for an apron. SkiffTV’s Kelly Morris explains why.

Women’s Basketball 2003 - Coming off consecutive conference championships, the TCU women’s basketball team seemed destined for a three-peat this year. But a rocky season has put the team in jeopardy of earning its first losing grade in half a decade. SkiffTV Sport’s Joi Harris reports.


Fall 2002

TCU Phonathon - Students have many options for earning extra money on campus. SkiffTV’s Anthony Kirchner has found a group whose work is making a monetary difference for them and for TCU.

Feed the Need - The holidays are just around the corner and the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha don’t want the hungry to be left out. SkiffTV’s James Zwilling reports on the first-ever Feed the Need Charity Step Off at TCU.

Suzuki Class - Children from Fort Worth are getting a jumpstart on their musical skills through a unique program at TCU. Jonathan Sampson has the story for SkiffTV.

Percussion Concert - TCU’s percussion group has been putting in long hours preparing for their November 11th performance in the Pepsi Co recital hall. SkiffTV’s Alisha Wassenaar reports.

Colby Halloween - The kids are coming for candy at TCU’s 30th annual Colby Halloween. SkiffTV’s Kristin Campbell reports on the youngsters and their on-campus trick or treating.

Motorsport Ranch - Country clubs are normally thought of as a place where people go to play golf. But Motorsport Ranch in Creeson, southwest of Fort Worth, has helped start a new generation of country clubs. SkiffTV’s Kelly Howard explains.

Ranger Challenge - Each year members of TCU’s Army ROTC program go to Fort Hood in Killeen for the Ranger Challenge competition. SkiffTV’s Sam Eaton reports on the red, white, blue … and purple.

Men’s Swimming 2002 - The TCU men’s swimming season is underway and the Frogs are looking to repeat as Conference USA champions. SkiffTV’s Raul Martinez reports from a daily practice as the team prepares to meet Notre Dame on November 22.

Women’s Basketball 2002 - With a core of strong veterans and championship experience, the Lady Frogs have their sights set high this season. SkiffTV’s Marci King reports from Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Chinese Students at TCU - About 30 Chinese students from the Chinese mainland are studying at TCU, pursuing their master’s degree, their doctor’s degree, or post-doctoral work. Most of these students are around 30 years old and are stressed not only because of study and work but also because of distance from family members. Wei Zha reports for SkiffTV.

New Scoreboard - The Radio-TV-Film Department is adding some excitement to TCU’s home football games. Jonathan Sampson reports for SkiffTV.

A Season of New Beginnings - With a new coach and the best start in school history, the TCU women’s volleyball team is looking toward the record books. Marci King reports.

Recreation Center - TCU’s new recreation center is almost complete. Sam Eaton takes us on a tour to see the new facility from the inside out.

The Iron Skillet - It’s the biggest college football rivalry in the Fort Worth/Dallas area when TCU and SMU battle to take home the “Iron Skillet.” Raul Martinez reports.

Jons Grille
- It’s been one year since the owner of Jon’s Grille died. But the popular campus restaurant he started is still open and busy, as SkiffTV’s James Zwilling reports.

Dining Options - If you’re on east campus and don’t want to make the trek over to the Main, you now have another option. Café a la Cart is serving up lunch in Tandy Hall, and soon, two more dining facilities will open on east campus. Kristin Campbell has the story.

Internationals Study - This year, ten more Chinese students have come to TCU to further their studies in chemistry, computer science, communications and business. These Chinese students together with international students from other countries bring the total number of international students at TCU this year to 430. Wei Zha reports.

TCU Cribs - TCU students may be familiar with the hit show “Cribs” on MTV. But students may be surprised to find there are hip cribs right on campus. Alisha Wassenaar has the story.

New Speech Comm Classroom - Students walking down the third-floor halls of Moudy South this semester may be surprised to see that an executive boardroom has replaced what was once a regular classroom. SkiffTV’s Anthony Kirchner has the story behind the upgrade.

Marijuana - Marijuana is now ranked as the most-used illegal recreational drug in the United States. SkiffTV’s Kelly Howard reports that the activity of smoking the drug continues to increase in popularity throughout society, even though educational and rehabilitation services are more actively available.


Spring 2002

Graduation Anxiety - As graduation day approaches, seniors on the TCU campus feel the pressures of beginning a new phase of life. Jill McNeal examines the phenomenon of graduation anxiety and reveals the truth about job-searching in the present economy.

Making "Almost Legal" - As episodes of the drama about life at a young women's boarding school premiere each Wednesday, students in the Radio-TV-Film and Theater departments are making sure soap opera life is "Almost Legal." Julie Ann Matonis reports.

Sueño Play - The TCU Theater Department is performing a modern adaptation of a classic Spanish production at Stage West. Jordan Blum takes us behind the scenes of Sueño.

Sherley You Can Help - Hall Council deals with hall issues like visitation hours. Sherley Hall Council took their responsibilities a step further this semester when they organized a charity event to benefit the Young Women's Christian Association. SkiffTV's Kristin Delorantis reports.

Purple M&M Campaign - A TCU advertising/public relations writing class is promoting purple M&Ms on campus, in local malls and on area radio stations. Heather Christie reports on the reasons behind the candy campaign.

"Almost Legal" - The Radio-TV-Film Department at TCU has a new soap opera in the works. SkiffTV's Hemi Ahluwalia reports from the premiere of "Almost Legal."

Weight Room Relocated - Students are working out in a different place than before. TCU's weight and cardio room has been relocated temporarily, as SkiffTV's Heather Christie reports.

Information Commons - There's a new service in the TCU Library to help students with computer and reference questions. Kristin Delorantis reports for SkiffTV.

Lunch Crowds - The Main is the place to be at noon on the TCU campus. In half an hour, 500 to 600 people can crowd into the eating area. Julie Ann Matonis reports.

The Lost Boys - Thousands of young boys fled a war-torn Sudan during the 1980s rather than risk being killed there. They traveled through several nations before some of these "Lost Boys of Sudan" made their way into the U.S. and the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Jordan Blum reports on two of them now working at TCU.


Fall 2001

Dance Software - The TCU Ballet and Modern Dance Department welcomes a new animated software to accompany dancers and their techniques. SkiffTV's Kelly Marino takes a look.

Homecoming 2001 - Homecoming brought an unusual "character" to campus this year ... one that kept students on the move all week. Reporter Jani Torrence has more.

Men's Basketball 2001 - As the TCU Men's Basketball team prepares for its 2001-2002 season, it also prepares for a new conference. John Weyand reports.

Boo At The Zoo - It's that time of year when ghosts and goblins will soon appear. And the Fort Worth Zoo has much in store for this Halloween season. Jessica Cervantez reports.

ROTC Cadets - SkiffTV reporter Jennifer Koesling met with TCU Army ROTC cadets to find out what has changed for them since the terrorist attacks of September 11. Here is her report.

Tolerance Forum - The last three weeks have given TCU students a lot more to think about than just books, class, and studying. Jani Torrence reports.

Volleyball - Many changes are occurring throughout the nation following the September 11 attacks. There are changes right here on campus. In sports, for TCU volleyball games, tighter security is being installed. Jessica Cervantez reports.

Skiff Reporters - The events of September 11 have resulted in extra hours for journalists everywhere, including here at TCU. John Weyand reports.

Mail Service - Despite delays in students' mail since the terrorist attacks, the TCU post office expects to return to a normal pace quickly. SkiffTV's Kelly Marino takes a look.


Spring 2001

One-Act Plays - It's showtime!  The time for one-act plays in Ed Landreth Auditorium is here.  But what happens behind the curtain?  Mel Korte has the story.

NASCAR Fever - NASCAR fever hit the Metroplex in full force this spring as fans from around the country descended on Texas Motor Speedway to watch one of the country's largest sporting events.  Michael Davis was there and he brings us the story.

Writing Center - Since 1986, the William L. Adams Writing Center has been helping TCU students write a better paper.  SkiffTV's Angie Chang reports.

"The Sopranos" - The HBO original series "The Sopranos" has become one of TV's most watched shows.  SkiffTV news reporter Chad Carey attended a local "Sopranos" watching party to see what all of the excitement about this hit show is about.

Up Till Dawn - Students danced the night away at TCU's second "Up Till Dawn" fundraising event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Melissa DeLoach reports.

University Crosswalk - In the past three years, vehicles have hit three TCU community members as they tried to cross University Drive.  Since then some safety precautions have been taken.  Here is Hemi Ahluwalia with the story.

Concert Chorale - The TCU Concert Chorale meets three times a week to practice for competitions and concerts. Aside from learning music, they also have the opportunity to travel and start new friendships. Here's Angie Chang with the story.

Identification Cards - A few years ago, TCU switched ID cards. The new card has been accepted, but how is it working for students? Mel Korte has the story.

Post Office - Despite a cramped working environment, the TCU post office runs an efficient operation on campus. SkiffTV's Melissa DeLoach takes a look.

Bistro Burnett - As Tom Hanks said in the movie "You've Got Mail", a coffee shop is a place to make more than one decision at a time. TCU students heading to the library now have such a place -- it's a gift from TCU alums. Hemi Ahluwalia reports.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop - They say, "If you have good food, at a good price, they will come." A new Mexican restaurant is open across the street from the TCU campus. SkiffTV reporter Chad Carey decided to see what it's all about.

Showgirls 2001 - The TCU Showgirls are present at many TCU sporting events. Michael Davis takes us behind the scenes to report on what these performers are made of.

Fall 2000

Froggie Five-O - TCU students do not need to walk alone at night. The Froggie Five-O Student Escort Program is a safer
option. Sylvia Carrizales has the story.

El Programa de "Froggie Five-0" - Cuando estudiantes tienen que caminar en la noche, hay un servicio para ellos que se llame "Froggie Five-0".  Reportado por Sylvia Carrizales.

Meredith Killgore - A strong work ethic, a powerful mind, an inspirational thinker -- all characteristics of a good leader.  A caring smile, a warm hug, a huge heart -- all characteristics of a good friend.  As Victor Drabicky explains, TCU's Programming Council is losing both.

Justin Athletic Center - The John Justin Athletic Center is one of the newest and nicest buildings on the TCU campus.  A major part of that building is the Athletic Academic Center.  For an insight to what is going on there, here is reporter Chris Gibson.

Wheelchair Access - Under the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, TCU physical planners say they are continually working to make sure all aspects of the university are accessible to those with disabilities.  SkiffTV's Jill McNeal takes a walk with sophomore Patrick Harris, one student who uses a wheelchair, to see what kind of progress is being made.

Basketball 2000 - With the college basketball season set to begin for TCU in the next couple of weeks, potential and expectations seem to be the key words for both the men's and women's teams.  Danny Horne reports.

Smoking On Campus - What percentage of TCU students smoke?  And what are some of the new findings on teen smoking?  SkiffTV's Omar Villafranca has the story.

Rise School - Members of Pi Kappa Phi along with parents of RISE and Starpoint students worked together to build a playground. The newly-opened RISE School is for children from 18 months to 5 years. The Starpoint School is for children with learning disabilities up to fourth grade. Katy Garcia reports.

Barber Shop - If you're looking for more out of your barber shop, take a trip to Fox's Barber Shop and visit Dallas Kirbie's little shop of TCU memories. Jeff Anderson reports.

Step Show- The women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at TCU are helping Fort Worth high school students and local families at the same time. Proceeds from their recent Step Show provide scholarships for the students and food for Thanksgiving baskets. Yonina Robinson reports.

Blackwell's Class - English Professor Bonnie Blackwell and her dog Liselotte are often seen walking together on campus. But students in Blackwell's classes get an even closer look. Jill McNeal reports.

Fall 2000 Dance Concert - This year's Fall Dance Concert presents the 1960s to audiences through song and dance. Reporter Sylvia Carrizales takes a look at the "Peace Love and Dance" Concert.

Concierto de Baile - El tema del Radio Shack Retrofest 2000 es de la decada de los sesentas y el departamento quiere llevar a la gente a un viaje en el tiempo atras. Después de dos meses de practica, los bailes quieren presentar los momentos mas inolvidables de la decada de los mil novicientos sesentas. Reportado por Sylvia Carrizales.

TCU Cheerleaders - The cheerleaders are a big part of the TCU tradition and a lot goes into their practices to achieve what fans see on game day. Yonina Robinson reports.

Ben Pollard - The TCU Horned Frog football program has seen a lot of changes over the past few seasons. Attitude in the weight room is just one of those changes. Danny Horne has the story.

TCU Leaps - Whoever said college students don't care about their community? Through the TCU LEAPS program, students at TCU are volunteering in a big way. Here's Chris Gibson reporting.

Bus Trip - The Fort Worth transportation system helps many get to and from work every day. The T provides numerous routes throughout the city, but for some, the city bus isn't as convenient as it could be. Here is one person's story. Katy Garcia reports on the T.

El Viaje en Autobus - La sistema transporte de Fort Worth ayuda mucha gente para ir a trabajo cada manana. El T tiene muchas rutas por la ciudad. Pero por algunas personas el autobus no está conveniente como debe de ser. Aquí está el cuento de una persona. Katy Garcia reporta sobre el T.

Matt Moore - Horned Frog football fans may remember #33 Matt Moore from the ’94 and ’95 seasons. They may also remember the day after Thanksgiving in 1995 when Moore was paralyzed during practice before a game. After taking a year and half off for physical therapy in Houston, Moore came back to Fort Worth and back to classes at TCU. He tells SkiffTV's Jill McNeal what he's been up to.

Intramural Lights - While the TCU campus continues to grow, surrounding neighbors are forced to deal with some of the growing pains. Recent plans for improvements to the intramural sports field have pushed some residents over the line. Victor Drabicky reports.

Behind the Scenes at SkiffTV - The broadcast journalism department is working to deliver news in a different way. SkiffTV offers television-style news, broadcast over the Internet. Jeff Anderson reports.

SuperFrog - Some students take him for granted, but if he were missing for even one football game, they would notice. Reporter Sylvia Carrizales takes us behind the scenes with SuperFrog, the lovable TCU Horned Frog mascot as he lifts the crowd's spirts on game day.

TCU Tailgating - The TCU football team turned things around two years ago. So did TCU's policy of tailgating at the games. Here's Omar Villafranca with the story.


Spring 2000

TCU Library TCU's Mary Couts Burnett Library not only offers students an array of print materials but also an abundance of online materials. Katherine Doughtie reports.

Spring Musical TCU Theatre will open its doors April 26th for its spring presentation of the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar." Courtney Roach has the story.

TCU Grad In Radio With graduation just around the corner for the Class of 2000, one member of last year's class shares his story of success on the Metroplex airwaves. Alan Melson reports.

Campus Parking Parking spots have to accommodate 7500 students, along with 1500 faculty, staff, and administration employees. According to TCU statistics, there are only about 6000 parking spaces. SkiffTV's Wes Warnock has the story.

International Week Every year members of the TCU community celebrate being a citizen of the world. Jimmy Nam reports.

Spring Dance It's that time again, dance students are rehearsing for this semester's major event: The Spring Dance Concert. Carey Hix reports.

Studio 13 TCU got a glimpse of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood this month with the premier of Studio 13. Tealy Dippel reports.

TCU Accessibility Issues Architects all across the nation are working to make buildings more accessible to all under the Americans with Disabilities Act. TCU Architects are trying to do the same here on campus. Alan Melson has the story.

Squad at Work Twenty cheerleaders will represent TCU at the National Cheerleading Competition in April. Christine Ward reports.

Student Center Plans   Renovating residence halls is not the only change taking place at TCU. Plans for a renovated Student Center are also in the works. Tealy Dippel reports.

Healthy Eating  A new focus has been placed on healthier eating and Deco Deli, TCU's newest eating facility, has been catering to it. Katherine Doughtie reports.

Rickel Renovations  Built in 1972, the Rickel has been serving students and faculty with fitness facilities. But some say it is outdated and does not meet students' needs today. Courtney Roach reports.

Brown Bag Performance  The Fine Arts department has collected donations of cash and clothing to support the Women's Shelter in Arlington as part of the Brown Bag dance and theater performance. Carey Hix reports.

Fall 1999

TCU Paint Crew   Have you ever wondered who's responsible for all the artwork you see on the field at a TCU football game? It takes a crew of eight people about four days to produce something that is then trampled on by both teams for a few hours. Chris Gibson reports.

TCU Men's Golf   The TCU men's golf team is preparing for the upcoming spring season. The Frogs spent some time in the Top 25 throughout the fall and continue to practice to secure a spot in the spring rankings. Jeff Anderson reports.

TCU Theater Department   Every semester, the TCU Theater Department presents a number of plays. Pentecost was one of those plays this year. Yumiko Shibata takes a look behind the scenes.

Frogbytes   Several buildings are being renovated on the TCU campus. Changes to the Student Center mean changes in student dining choices, Aaron Chimbel reports.

TCU Showgirls   They have been struttin' their stuff for over 22 years. Now, SkiffTV's Sasha Richards takes a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to be a TCU Showgirl.

Weight Training   Weight training for TCU athletes is important preparation for on-the-field competition. Charlia Owens reports.