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Living the economic historian's dream ca 44 B.C.  Partying with Julius Caesar in front of a Roman wall in Britain.

Living the economic historian's dream ca 1577.  Capn' John's bout to set sail on the Golden Hinde with Sir Francis Drake.
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Living the economic historian's dream ca 1400 A.D.  John showing the late medieval folks how we do it cowboy style.*

Living the economic historian's dream ca 1890.  John Lovett, esquire, is showing off his fine manners as he shares a railcar with Queen Victoria.*

U.S. Econ History I: 
the Founding Eras

ECON 40413 - Fall 2017

U.S. Econ History II:
Rise of the Modern Era

ECON 40423 - Fall 2017

Early European Econ History

Medieval to start of the Industrial Revolution

ECON 40153

Modern European Econ History

Age of Exploration to 1950

ECON 40970

Financial History

ECON 30483

Intro to Macroeconomics

ECON 10233

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* All photos are by John Lovett and taken before selfies were cool.  The upper right photo is of a diorama in the London Museum of Science ...  I added the Rodeo Clown.  The Lower right is from the York National Railway Musuem.